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About Company

About Dwell

Dwell Tech & Consultancy Sdn Bhd is a professionals consulting firm with full deter- mination to capture the consulting market on its upturn. We serve our clients and aim to establish as a savvy property consulting professionals serving clients all over Malaysia. Our service quality, speed and determination in client satisfaction is our main concern as property professionalism and statutory provisions.

Our Services

Refurbishment Commercial Building
Ship Repair & Refurbishment
Property Management
Why Choose Us

Why Business Owner Choosing Us

Quality Material

Using superior materials enhances structural integrity, safety, and aesthetic appeal ...


meeting specific standards of quality, safety, and professionalism in construction practices ...

Trained Workers

undergone formal instruction, education, and hands-on experience to acquire the necessary skills ...

Time Availability

availability of labor, equipment, and resources for a project. It encompasses factors like workforce ...

Quick Response

the ability to promptly address unexpected issues, changes, or emergencies on a project ...

Service Warranty

is a guarantee provided by a contractor or builder, assuring clients that the completed work will meet ...

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